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Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Alchemie was created with the idea that all of us are able to manifest our most content and confident selves. Alchemie is the conduit for creation, working with the client to achieve alignment of beauty both within in and externally.

Both Camilla and Aymie have been Registered Nurses working in the Shoalhaven for nearly 15 years between them. Both growing and living on the south coast of NSW wales gives them unique insight into the community they reside and work in. This insight has forged a deep respect and appreciation of the level of trust they ask of their community in undertaking such an intimate space with their clients.

' we see this area of our profession as quite a privileged position, as we are often working with clients in some of their deepest vulnerabilities and exposed states. It can be quite something to help some walk out of the clinic with a beaming sense of confidence, to be part of that growth, that journey, its really something special'...

Camillla and Aymie both have a passion and drive to support confidence and contentment. They are committed to building a community of self-belief and body positivity through safe and evidence-based practice.

Image by Romina Farías

Meet the Alchemists

Aymie and Camilla are two registered nurses who joined forces to bring you a trusted, client focused clinic. Read about them below.


Alcehmist | RN

Aymie Mellross

Aymie specialises in Paramedical and Cosmetic tattoo. Combining her knowledge and experience of nursing with that of the beauty industry has led her to achieve a high industry standard in the world of cosmetic beauty.

Alcehmist | RN

Camilla Mearns

Camilla specialises in cosmetic injectables. working in the fast paced setting of Emergency nursing set the tone for her respect of clinically safe and autonomous practice. This experience has given Camilla the confidence to provide a strong respect for client-centered outcomes at a high industry standard.

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